Cut calls and Concubines, Dancing in Four Four Time

J is at it again. He keeps apologizing, trying to get me to be friends with him. Why would I be friends with a guy who has no respect for women? I wouldn’t! I have a lot more respect for myself (not to mention my girlfriends) than that. He irritates me, his presence within a room puts me on edge. Honestly, his laugh makes me want to drown kittens. ( Which is huge, since you all know how much I love cats).

I’m tired, tired of Lesbian Juice. I wish they would all just go away so I could get to the right guy quicker and not feel like jumping off a bridge so much. *Sigh* I hate high school.

Speaking of school, it still hasn’t set in yet that we graduate in 161 days. I know it’s coming, I know that school is almost over for us, but it just hasn’t set in that this is it. After May, we have our entire lives ahead of us. WE’re all going to move away, we might lose touch with each other. And honestly, that scares me. When I first came here I knew 3 people. Now I look around at all of the amazing people I know and I am terrified to leave you. I love all of you and you have all taught me so much. I really hope we stay in touch after school.

20 thoughts on “Cut calls and Concubines, Dancing in Four Four Time

  1. I’m sorry about J. Just tell him off, with Larry near by. He’ll help. 🙂

    I know, my senior year went faster than I’d expected too. Don’t worry, you all will keep in touch. We still talk don’t we? It’ll all be alright, I promise. ❤

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